GOLD Hot Wax


1x Hot Wax ( ~ 0,5kg)
application without waxing strips

Our specialist for fine hairs

Ideally suited for fine facial hair and sensitive skin.

Specially developed for small-scale hair removal for fine hair in the facial area andother parts of the body

This wax is applied extremely thinly to the skin and provides excellent results with fine hairs in the facial area and other parts of the body

The ultra low melting temperature guarantees a pleasant depilatory  and simultaneously shorter lead times in our Wax Heater (approx 5 min)

The outstanding properties of our GOLD-wax guarantee a pleasant hair removal:

  • Highest percentage of beeswax
  • Ultra thin application
  • Extremely low melting temperature
  • Excellent for short fine hairs
  • Highest flexibility in the application

Our hard waxes are packed in plastic hard shell to prevent oxidation of wax and thus ensure that the wax properties are retained.

Byultra thin application can be applied more frequently

The Liliet Premium Quality hard waxes are low-temperature waxes accordingly applied at a lower temperature on the skin. This is evident in the packaging: all of which are in plastic. The Liliet Premium Quality hard waxes we have designated PREMIUM QUALITY, because they also have a highe rproportion of bees wax and applied thiner and still have the best elasticity atthe application.

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