All of our Premium Quality hard waxes are characterized by high elasticity and strong adhesion. In order to Premium Quality, the hard waxes can also remove the stubborn and short hair.


Low-temperature application

The excellent mix for our premium quality hard waxes allows a low temperature at the time of application to the skin: slightly above the skin temperature. The plastic package is a visible parameter that the production of these waxes is carried out under low temperature.


Easy to use

With our premium quality hard wax, a pleasant and almost painless waxing is guaranteed. They are applied gently and the fact that our hard waxes adhere firmly to the hair, they are particularly well suited for waxing of sensitive skin and sensitive skin areas and parts of the body.


Application without waxing strips

Since our hard waxes, after applying on the skin, are still resilience, depilation can be done without the use of non-woven strips and only with your fingers. The minimum adhesion to the skin at the same time allows that you can apply more than 1 time in the same place.



The ease of use of our soft and flexible waxes will convince you of the Premium Quality!

The hard wax is applied without waxing strips. This allows, possible with a little practice, even the application for beginners.

Please choose from the following hard(hot) waxes. For this set, you can select 1x from our Premium Quality hard waxes:


CHOCOLATE hard wax

Developed to meet customers: The Chocolate lovers will enjoy the color and fragrance of this hard wax.



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